Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Emi-Jay's On The Way

i have recently been turned on to Emi-Jay hair ties and 
i am hooked. they are ah-mazing!
i have some thick hair and yall, they hold a high pony with ease, don't rip or crease your hair,
and double as an addition to your arm party when not needed in your hair!

best news of all, Emi-Jay's are coming to ADAIR
in just a few weeks they will be here. so, yall be on the look out!

the story behind Emi-Jay's is pretty awesome too! owners, both fifteen, started the company and have seen great success! did i mention they give 15% of sales to charity? check out the story, here.
i know, your loving them even more now, right?!?

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